The Bottom of the Jar

Yesterday I mentioned that I like to cook and bake. Well, I really like to cook and bake. One of my new favorite things is to find weird food products, you know the kind you always see at Williams and Sonoma and think “Wow! That’s so cool! I’d never use it though”, and actually use them. This morning I was making lunch for myself, and a light bulb went off in my head. I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets these things as presents or with the best intentions of using them in some culinary masterpiece. So in my “Favorite Things” section I’ll post a few of these finds and some recipes to go along with them. Sharing is caring after all! Eventually I’d like to compile these recipes and have a funky little shop of my own. But until then I will share them on the interwebs. The first product I’d love to feature is a yummy apple caramelized onion spread. And I would post tons of pictures of recipes, but I reached the bottom of the jar this morning. Never fear! I am ordering more now, and will post fabulous recipes soon. Until then, below is a link to buy some for yourself. Apple Carmelized Onion Spread


8 Months To Go!

We’re at the 8 month mark now. In 8 more months I will be a Mrs. It seems like it will take forever to get here, but then again I know it will all happen in a flash. With all that is going on with the wedding and personally I decided I needed my own outlet to share my fears, frustrations, and triumphs throughout this life stage. Dave and I have been dating for five years, and have been around each others families frequently, but who knew when we got engaged how much family dynamics would affect this process. Also, who knew how much other people’s opinions affected our thought process?

In the beginning of it all we wanted a small wedding. We had even put down a deposit on a small intimate venue and were so excited to get to planning. Then we had our engagement party. And it became apparent that parts of our (OK truly it was MY family) were not happy with our decision. So after getting cornered at our party, we changed the venue. And I wish I could say that everything is now smoothed over, but it’s not. Differences in opinion on other aspects of wedding planning have seeped in, along with comments about our choice of date. (July 4th!)  We really had not planned for a holiday wedding but in trying to appease other people we chose the first available date at the larger wedding venue we liked. July 4th also happens to be about everything Dave and I love; fireworks, friends, family, and BBQs, so it works for us.

This is not to mention the additional financial strain that a larger wedding has had on us. Weddings are a business, and a very lucrative one at that. However, for young couples starting out doesn’t it seem absurd to spend so much money on one day? Sure, weddings might be a status symbol to some, but I’d rather have the money for a down payment on a house. At times it seems as though the whole process of planning the wedding is more for other people than it is for the married couple.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that so many people want to come celebrate a very momentous day in Dave and I’s life. It shows how many people love and support us, not only as individuals but as a couple and I could not be more excited to become a Mrs. But what I am trying to say dear reader, is that it’s OK to get annoyed at the whole show you put on to announce to the world that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. What I am hoping in this process of blogging not only the wedding planning but also the transition into married life is to connect with others in my position and let them know I feel your pain (and your joy!)

That is not to say that I will only speak wedding. On the contrary! I love to cook and bake! (Oh right, me and every other blogger out there) I sometimes try my hand at crafts (I’m not very good at it though) and so I will share those adventures with you all as well. Becoming a Mrs. does not define me, I am more than that. I just hope dear reader, that you will join me as I define who that person is in the context becoming a part of a larger unit.